Pandit Dakshina Payment options

While booking a Pandit Ji on, it is extremely important that you select the right payment method for yourself. offers an array of payment options, both online and offline, which are made available to you by the Pandit Ji. Different payment methods have innumerable advantages and every option can work differently for different Yajmans

Before you Book a Pandit, always make sure that to choose a better payment methods which will work for you..

We use CCAvenue Invoice Payments for easy, fast and accurate payments. We will send you the Payment link with all your service details by email and message to your mobile number.

  • In this mail, the yajman will receive the link to the CCAvenue Billing & Shipping page; which he/she can click on and complete his transaction. Hence the Bill will serve as a tool to take the payment methods and shipping details for the final amount pay,

The Yajmans can also has to make the payment in cash to the Pandit Ji  at the time of completion of the of the Pooja at the address mentioned by the Yajman.

click to pay through our CCAvenue Payment Gateway

Mode of Payments which we accept


Pay Directly

Pay Directly

Pay directly to Pandit after the Puja

CC Avenue


Pay using our CCAcenue Option



Pay online using IMPS/NETF transfer


Paytm Wallet

Scan QRCode & Pay with Paytm

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